Choosing Your Countertop Edge

Choosing you edge may seem like a personal preference, but choosing a countertop edge can have a big impact on cleaning, liquid spills, crumb pick up, and other little daily chores that you probably wouldn’t think of when making this type of decision. You've spent so much time and energy picking out the perfect granite slab for your countertops. Don't forget there's still one more thing to do: select the edge profile.

Granite is tough, but projections and sharp corners chip more easily than a smoothed edge. Before your countertop is delivered, we’ll prepare the edge by machining it into the silhouette you desire. Here’s the rundown of your options:


Straight Edges
  • Straight
  • Bevel

Straight edges are great in any style kitchen. They are especially appropriate for clean designs. A fancy edge attracts attention and you don’t want it to steal the show from other details in your kitchen so select an edge that doesn’t overwhelm the space. Straight edge also makes a good option when you pick a detailed edge on the kitchen island or bathroom vanity and then want to tone it down for the rest of the room.

Straight edges are not sharp; corners are slightly rounded to protect the granite from damage. The amount of rounding is up to you. The top edge can be very rounded and the bottom squared as in the Radius edge. Or it can just barely have the edge softened. You can select a basic edge on your 2cm or 3cm slab or you can opt for a laminated edge that makes your slab look thicker. These measure 4cm in profile.


Curved Edges
  • Bullnose
  • O'gee

Curved edges can be basic or fancy. They soften the feel of the room and work just as well in a contemporary design as they do in a classic design. Look to the details in your kitchen for inspiration. You may want to echo the curves of the cabinets or complement the architecture of the room.

Curves are easy to clean and one of the safest options if you worry about little heads getting bumped or hips catching corners. These are also available in the laminated 4cm style or in the regular thickness of the slab surface.


Other Options

The machinery and tools available in our state-of-the-art fabrication shop to allow for many unique edge designs. Custom edges are available to serve your personal choice.


Edge Treatments

Your choice of an edge is no small detail. A proper edge profile adds impact to the beauty of a natural stone slab surface and helps integrate it into the overall design of the room. Consider the space where the slab will be used. If soft, rounded corners are common, consider using rounded edges like a bullnose or pencil edge to tie things together. If straight lines are predominate, then squared-off edges could be used – straight and beveled edges are all possibilities. O’gee and other specialty edges often compliment cabinet trim or other architectural details.

With the right edge detail, your slab is sure to make a striking and lasting impression. Edges are available in a variety of thicknesses – ranging from 3/4" (2cm) and 1-1/4" (3cm) thick to 1-1/2" (4cm) laminated. Call us for more information regarding edge treatments.